Trash and Recycling

Residents are provided with 96-gallon trash and recycling carts. Carts are also provided to businesses that receive regular trash service (not dumpsters).

Trash is picked up once a week. Recycling is picked up every other week. Carts must be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on pickup days with the wheels against the curb; if there is no curb, please place the wheels on the edge of the pavement. Carts should be placed at least four feet away from each other to allow access for servicing. 

If you believe your trash or recycling was missed, please contact the Public Works office at Phone 361-777-4601.


- Labels do not need to be removed from bottles or containers.
- Remove and dispose of lids from metal, plastic bottles, jars and cans.
- Food containers should be clean (rinsed) for your sanitation.
- Keep newspaper dry and separate it from other types of paper.
- You may separately bag or box mixed paper and cardboard.
- Flatten boxes and corrugated cardboard to less than two feet
- Pizza boxes, glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, dishes and mirrors are not recyclable.



- Newspapers (with ads and inserts)
- Catalogs and phone books
- Corrugated cardboard (flattened to less than two square feet)
- Magazines
- Paperboard boxes (like cereal boxes)
- Shoe boxes and other similar paper
- Unwanted mail and envelopes  

Metal (Aluminum, tin, steel):

- Aerosol spray cans
- Aluminum foil and trays
- Beverage cans
- Food containers
- Metal soft drink cans  

Plastic (bottles, containers):

- Detergent containers
- Food containers marked with a #1 or #2 recycling symbol
- Soap, shampoo or soft drink bottles