Impact Fees

Adopted Impact Fees for the City of Portland

NOW IN EFFECT - as of November 1, 2022

Under Ordinance 2249 (PDF), the City of Portland established Roadway, Water, Wastewater, and Drainage Impact Fees. An impact fee is a charge or assessment on new development that generates revenue for funding or recouping a portion of the costs of capital improvements or facility expansions attributable to the new development. 

Impact Fees do not replace platting obligations for public improvements required by City Code, although participation in certain area-related facilities identified on impact fee Capital Improvement Plans may receive credits against Impact Fees owed.


All building permits issued after November 1, 2022, are subject to the collection of Impact Fees. Impact Fees must be calculated using the official spreadsheet found here: City of Portland Impact Fee Calculation Worksheet (PDF).

NOTE: Impact Fees are collected at time of Building Permit.

  1. Roadway
  2. Water & Wastewater
  3. Drainage

Based on projected traffic generation, land use type, Collection Tiers, and Roadway Service Areas. Roadway Impact Fees only apply to development within the city limits of Portland. 

See Water, Wastewater, and Roadway Impact Fee Collection Tiers and Roadway Service Areas maps in Schedule 1 of Ordinance 2249 (PDF).