Municipal Court Forms

It is the defendant’s responsibility to ensure all information in the forms is accurate and complete.

  1. Deferred Disposition
  2. Non-Eligibility
  3. Failure to Comply

Deferred disposition is an option to keep the violation off your driving record, or off your criminal record if the offense is a penal offense (e.g. public intoxication, theft, or assault).

When you plead guilty or no contest and request deferred disposition, the Court has discretion to place you on deferred disposition.

If the Court grants deferred disposition, the Court will defer a finding of guilt. You will be ordered to pay the court costs. The Court may assess a special expense fee not to exceed the maximum amount of the fine. The Court may order you to participate in a driving safety course, drug education program, alcohol awareness program, perform community service, pay restitution or order any other condition authorized by statute. If you successfully comply with the terms of your deferral in the time frame ordered by the Court, your case will be dismissed.