Library History

Original Library BuildingOn October 11, 1933 the Chatwork Club made the decision to construct and maintain a library for the citizens of Portland. Records indicate that the structure was completed by November 1 of that same year with a total cost of $473.20. The library opened with 51 books that had been purchased and 253 books that had been donated.

Library 2

By the mid-1950s, it had become apparent that Portland had outgrown it's proud little building. On November 7, 1957, Portland's second library opened at 601 Moore Avenue at a cost of $5,874. It was operated by the Chatwork Club until 1968, when it was sold to Whitney-Vaky Insurance Company. 

ThirdLibrary Building

Portland's third library opened in 1968. It was funded in part by the sale of cookbooks and tasting parties. Jeff Bell donated his Portland State Bank at 900 Austin Street. The City of Portland ran it until 1984, when the current library building opened. 

libAlmost 30 years later, in November 1984, construction was completed on the current library at 2400 Memorial Parkway. In October 2006, the library was rededicated after a complete renovation and addition had taken place.