Transfer Service to a New Address

Service can be transferred to a new address within three business days after an application has been turned into the City. Here's what you need to know to transfer water service:

  • You may leave the water services on at your old address for a period of 30 days from the connect date at the new address.
  • If you need services beyond that point, please call 361.777.4500. Be aware that a new service deposit may be required at the second address.
  • If you are closing your old account, water will be shut off and locked as early as 8:00 a.m. on the scheduled shut-off date. If you will need water on that date, please schedule the closing for the following business day.
  • There is a $10 service fee to begin service at the new address. This will be billed on your first bill.
  • To change a previously submitted request, call 361.777.4500 at least one business day in advance.
  • Depending on the location of your new address, your garbage pickup day may also change. Please review the Trash & Recycling Schedule for your new address.