Unwholesome Property, Trash, Tall Grass

The accumulation of any carrion (animal carcasses), filth, rubbish, or other unwholesome matter along with grass that exceeds 12 inches in height on any property is prohibited by Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 - Building and General Building Regulations, Article VI. - Unwholesome Property Conditions. (link) 

The accumulation of unwholesome matter and tall grass not only makes the neighborhood unsightly, but it may also attract vermin, create a fire hazard, and endanger the public health.

Unwholesome property_thumb.png


Keep your property mowed and free of trash and rubbish.


If you are found in violation of this ordinance, you can be fined up to $2,000. Each day that a violation remains uncorrected constitutes a separate offense.

Register a Complaint

Please complete the online form (link) to notify the authorities of any unwholesome property conditions.